Functional testing: evaluate user interface for effortles user experience. Each link, button, menu, forms and all other features should opearate as expected. (se cases) include installation testing, upgrade testing, GPS testing, touch testing, UI testing, connectivity testing, battery drain testing, memory testing, etc.

Performance testins: this testing reveals how your website performs in normal and high  volumen work environments. testing method checks the speed, responsiveness, operating capacity, scalability, and stability of the application under various workloadsload, spike, endurance, volume, etc.

User testing: test user experience on the website ensure nothing disrupt the user from their seamless experience: unclear, confusing or broken, The actions performed by the users are observed and recorded by the specialists such as QA teams, test engineers, etc. The test feedback is collected from the end-users with suggestions. various devices with varying screen sizes, and users use apps on these devices under different networks. Thus, it is essential to test the app’s compatibility on various devices, platforms, OS, browsers, networks, etc.

Compatibility testing: check your website’s performance on different browsers and devices.

Security testing: find any vulnerabilities. those bulnerabilities  security loopholes will then be buffed up to better defent against cyberattacks. tests are vulnerability tests, penetration tests, security scanning, security auditing, etc.

Code review: testers will review the source code to find any missed bugs during development

We continue doing Q TESTING when your website launches to provide the best user experience.

Installation testing: installed, uninstalled, updated, or not.

Storage testing: ensures that the application’s data is stored in a suitable format and under the correct directory. It checks that sufficient app storage is available on disk so that the mobile app does not terminate unexpectedly.

Localization testing: date & time formats are included in the app, local currency, text, and local regulations are also included as per the region so that the app can be accessed seamlessly across the globe.

Accessability testing:accessible to people with disabilities such as colour blindness, deafness, hard-of-hearing, etc.