Top Node.js Development Companies

Node.js was created in 2009 as an open-source project on the basis of the most popular programming language JavaScript. As a result, the platform became an accessible and easy-to-use tool for developers. With the advent of Node.js, the problem of the limited functionality of most web servers was resolved.

Node.js becomes a key component when it comes to creating a dynamic web page or app interface. It is convenient because it allows developing a Web/Android/iOS application using a single programming language, namely JavaScript, for back- and front-end scripts.

Top Node.js development companies who value their reputation and strive to provide only the best web and app development services will have skillful developers in their teams. We took into consideration this aspect when creating the list of the top ten Node.js development companies, and as well considered the following aspects:

  • Customers’ feedback according to, The Manifest, GoodFirms, and others
  • Main services they offer
  • Business niches they focus on
  • Prices for their services
  • Final results and examples of case studies

After the in-depth analysis we are ready to offer you the following ten best Node.js development companies who are proficient in Node.js implementation to their client’s projects:

Rank #1 — Right Balance

Rank #2 — QArea

Rank #3 — BROS

Rank #4 — Loadsys Solution

Rank #5 — Quantum Mob

Rank #6 — Gorilla Logic

Rank #7 — Web Bespokers

Rank #8 — Revelry

Rank #9 — Digitalya OPS

Rank #10 — Concise Software

Let’s start our detailed overview of the companies.

1. Right Balance

· Founded: 2015

· Number of employees: 2–9

· Average reviews rating: 5.0

· Main services: Automated Tests, Backend API, Client-Side Development, Serverless Development

· Minimum project size: $25,000+

· Average hourly rates: $50 — $99 / hr

· Tech Stack: Node.js, React.js, PHP, React Native, Angular

· Top clients: Edmondo, Fair, Dus, Tala,

· Location: Santa Monica, CA

Right Balance is a very small but promising company that has already proven its high level of proficiency and reliability with excellent performance results. The ambitious expert Node.js developers want to play it big and have already taken part in large-scale programming projects.

Custom software development is the service line of their main focus. The company is especially good at creating mobile platforms implementing JavaScript-based frameworks like Node.js for their enterprise clients. For instance, Right Balance managed to help a South Asian company to improve a dating app implementing Node.js in their work. After the successful launch, the dating app brought a significant income to its owners in three months.

2. QArea

· Founded: 2001

· Number of employees: 50–249

· Number of completed projects: 800+

· Average reviews rating: 4.8

· Main services: Web and App Development, Product Development, DevOps, Design, Testing, IT Consulting

· Minimum project size: 10 000+

· Average hourly rates: $25 — $49 / hr

· Tech Stack: Java, Javascript, PHP, C#, Go, React, Node.js, Python, Angular

· Top clients: Skype, Kroodle, Dashlane, Huffpost, Last Mile Health

· Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine

QArea offers a perfect combination of experience, positive feedback from its clients, and the finest quality of final products for a very reasonable price. They collaborate with representatives of businesses from different niches and spheres of influence. Whether you are a small business or a huge enterprise the best Node.js web development service provider will analyze your situation, adapt to your needs, and impress with the perfection and beauty of the final result.

With their out-of-the-box approach, QArea is always ready to address each challenge with a creative and modern solution. Node.js is frequently used as one of the key ingredients for different complex web and app development projects by expert Node.js developers in the QArea team.

QArea is a well-experienced company when it comes to Node.js implementation. The development of a child care app for a child care booking services; creation of Web, iOS and Android applications for a leading media and entertainment company; building from scratch a social healthcare platform — just to mention a couple of the Node.js project examples QArea was involved in.


· Founded: 2012

· Number of employees: 10–49

· Average reviews rating: 5.0

· Main services: Application and mobile platforms, Framework and CMS, Programming and Scripting

· Minimum project size: 25,000+

· Average hourly rates: $50–99$ / hr

· Tech Stack: Node.js, Express, PHP, Angular, React, React Native, Ionic, Nest

· Top clients: Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, the Uruguayan Chamber of Commerce, Cutcsa, Mad Libs

· Location: Montevideo, Uruguay

The company is a proof that it is enough to have just a couple of like-minded people in your team who are loyal and devoted to their job. This small Node.js web development company does not divide the projects into chunks to outsource them all over the globe. The employees prefer keeping everything within the walls of their “Home Sweet Home” — a small office in Uruguay.
The warm family-like atmosphere that is maintained among the BROS developers affects the attitude to their clients in a very positive way. They are oriented on establishing long-term professional relationships built on trust and productive collaboration with their customers.

The services they offer include strategy planning, analyzing and designing a project from scratch, coding, testing, and the final release. One of the best Node.js web development companies is widely known for its successful implementation of Node.js allowing the networking apps to work faster and be more effective. For example, they’ve been working on creating a more dynamic interface and integrating case studies for an app development company.

4. Loadsys Solution

· Founded: 2002

· Number of employees: 10–49

· Average reviews rating: 4.9

· Main services: cross-platform mobile development

· Minimum project size: $25,000+

· Average hourly rates: $100 — $149 / hr

· Tech Stack: React, Node.js, PHP, React Native

· Top clients: All Star Delivery, True Photography, Vault Electricity, APO Box, Education Unlimited, Stanford National Forensic Institute

· Location: Chicago, IL

As it usually happens a lot of highly-valued and experienced companies begin as small start-ups launched by one-two talented and clever enthusiasts. This refers to Loadsys Solution that was established two decades ago by Lee Forkenbrock and Donatas Kairys. Since then the company has improved and developed into a small but reliable and creative Node.js app development company that has completed plenty of projects mainly for fields like Education, Manufacturing, Insurance, and Logistics.
Loadsys Solution readily undertakes complex tasks that involve fixing and modernizing web or mobile applications; creating custom software; platforms for the collection, transforming, and processing data. The company’s top Node.js developers use the framework to create applications with high availability and functionality. One such application was developed for a manufacturing company. This barcode reading app allows the clients of the company to access test results of the product by scanning a barcode on it.

5. Quantum Mob

· Founded: 2016

· Number of employees: 10–49

· Average reviews rating: 5

· Main services: Product Design, Engineering, DevOps

· Minimum project size: $50,000+

· Average hourly rates: $100 — $149 / hr

· Tech Stack: Node.js, React JS, React Native, JavaScript, PHP, Java, Jenkins, Contentful, Kubernetes, AngularJS, Shopify, Vue.js, TypeScript, MySQL

· Top clients: Air Miles, University of Toronto, AMD, Temagami Systems, Puntos Columbia, NewAge Products, Inspired Entertainment, Glocalspace

· Location: Toronto, Canada

Quantum Mob is a relatively young end-to-end software company that is highly appreciated for the beauty of its creative decisions for complicated cases and the effectiveness of its final results. They are proud to have a team of diverse expert Node.js developers, who are excellent in life-cycle planning, digital engineering, and design.

With the help of Node.js, the company creates cross-platform web and mobile applications for business optimization and develops APIs to help with the external services integration. Satisfied clients usually continue collaborating with the Node.js software development company permanently.

6. Gorilla Logic

· Founded: 2002

· Number of employees: 250–999

· Average reviews rating: 4.8

· Main services: Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Back End, UX/UI, DevOps, QA, Agile, Security, Big Data, IoT

· Minimum project size: $250,000+

· Average hourly rates: $50 — $99 / hr

· Tech Stack: Node.js, React JS, JavaScript, PHP, Java

· Top clients: Place for Mom, Arrow Electronics, DaVita, Maxar, Gaia, Finish Line, Medtronic, NBC Entertainment Digital, Western Assest Management, Home Advisor, GSTV, JumpCloud

· Location: Broomfield, CO

Compared to the companies mentioned above Gorilla Logic is an “oldie” that is still great, popular, and in high demand. The award-winning Node.js development company mostly collaborates with midmarket and large businesses among which you can find big names like NBC and GSTV. The involvement of a highly skilled team of people from all over the world allows providing the company’s clients full-scale support in different time zones.

The Node.js development company has its research and development department constantly producing new ideas and state-of-the-art technology. Node.js is frequently applied for the new web/app development approaches that open magnificent opportunities for their clients. A nice example of such high-quality service is the alteration of a flash-player-based to a web-based application for an energy company.

7. Web Bespokers

· Founded: 2014

· Number of employees: 10–49

· Average reviews rating: 4.7

· Main services: Web Development, Custom Software Development, Enterprise App Modernization

· Minimum project size: $10,000+

· Average hourly rates: $50 — $99 / hr

· Tech Stack: Python (Django), PHP (Laravel, Yii), JavaScript (Node.js), Angular

· Top clients: Procter & Gamble, TSYS, DGS
· Location: Poznań, Poland

Web Bespokers is mostly famous for its fast and effective procedure of project modeling that consists of a consultation stage, implementation process, and deployment. The team of top Node.js developers starts with identifying issues and determining your goals for the final project. Then the team headed by a project manager will adjust the available methodology for the software you need. The post-project support is also included in the service package provided by the company.

A lot of clients report satisfying results after collaborating with the Node software development company. Node.js is one among many of the tools they use to reach the aims set up by their customers. Web Bespokers created an app for a marketing company that enabled the monitoring of the buyers’ revenue streams.

The applications created with the help of Node.js framework are marked by the excellent performance, eye-catching design, and user-friendly interface leaving Web Bespokers’ clients completely satisfied with the final results.

8. Revelry

· Founded: 2012

· Number of employees: 50–249

· Average reviews rating: 4.7

· Main services: User-Driven Software Development, Mobile App Development, Application Management & Support

· Minimum project size: $25,000+

· Average hourly rates: $150 — $199 / hr

· Tech Stack: Nod.js, React.js, Ruby, PostgreSQL,

· Top clients: 20echo, Scandy, Whetstone Education, WebLinc, Readwrite, Bridge 21

· Location: New Orleans, LA

The User-Driven approach the company uses for software development and digital consulting has made Revelry the reputation it can be proud of. The company is known for involving its customers in the whole process of product development. At the early stages of the creation process, the Node.js software development company works with the client to analyze the main goal and break it down into smaller chunks — User Stories — that will be put in work by different members of the team. The company guarantees fast and efficient delivery of the final product.

Mobile application platforms developed with the help of JavaScript frameworks, one of which is Node.js, have become one of the key focuses for Revelry. Revelry has developed plenty of iOS, Android, and Web-based apps for companies from different fields such as energy and natural resources, medical industry, and business services.

9. Digitalya OPS

· Founded: 2014

· Number of employees: 10–49

· Number of completed projects: 50+

· Average reviews rating: 4.9

· Main services: Design Sprint, Product and Business Strategy, UI/UX Design, Mobile app development, Web app development (Back-end & Front-end)

· Minimum project size: $10,000+

· Average hourly rates: $50 — $99 / hr

· Tech Stack: React.js, Angular.js, Node.js, Laravel, React Native

· Top clients: Seduco, FeetUp, Sei, Nylah, clientZen

Location: Iași, Romania

Digitalya OPS has worked on and released about 52 functional web and mobile applications. Their services are mostly oriented toward small businesses. Thus, if the company you run hasn’t yet turned into a large enterprise, Digitalya OPS may be a good choice for you. The Node.js software development company is ready to work on projects of moderate size providing high-quality services for a reasonable price.

Digitalya OPS divides the process of new product development into several stages: collecting ideas, product strategy, launching MVP, mobile/web application development, and final expertise. Education, healthcare, marketing, and manufacturing are the fields the company has broad experience working for.

The Node.js development agency has applied a range of JavaScript frameworks like Node, Angular, and React in different digital projects. Fitness app for inverted yoga, AI based platform for B2B digital agencies, the data-driven analytical platform for medical quiz assessment — a couple of successfully launched projects by Digitalya OPS.

10. Concise Software

· Founded: 2011

· Number of employees: 10–49

· Average reviews rating: 4.7

· Main services: Engineering, & development, Android, iOS, Blockchain, dApps, application development, Web Development
· Minimum project size: $5,000+

· Average hourly rates: $50 — $99 / hr

· Tech Stack: Node.js, React.js, Angular.js, JavaScript, PHP

· Top clients: Red Bull, Ubitricity, Ars Electronica, Panasonic, Delivery Hero, BBC

· Location: Berlin, Germany

Concise Software is a small company compared to other best Node.js development companies on the list. Nevertheless, it has proven its effectiveness working on a large variety of projects for business and media giants like BBC, Panasonic, Bloomberg, Mashable, and others.

It doesn’t imply that Concise Software neglects the midmarket niche. On the contrary, they are ready to participate in projects of different sizes and values for financial services, healthcare, consumer electronics, real estate management, and others.
They are especially known for their automotive and mobility digital findings. Concise Software applied JavaScript and JS frameworks including Node.js to develop Android, iOS, and web applications for their clients in the industry. The company’s diversity and readiness to undertake projects of different complexity, size, and orientation have made them popular and reliable partners you can entrust your project to.


What are the benefits of Node.js?
Node.js offers plenty of benefits because it is an open-source project with friendly and active people who are always ready to help. The community highly appreciates Node.js because the framework provides the possibility to write the code from server- and client-side using a single programming language.

Why should I order services from a Node.js development company?
It is better to order services from a development company that can offer a whole team of developers with experience in Node.js. The programmers will assist with the creation of your project and monitor it at every stage.

What are the best Node.js Development Companies?
The best Node.js development companies with huge experience and a bunch of successful projects involving Node.js implementation are:

1. Right Balance


3. Loadsys Solution

4. Quantum Mob

5. Gorilla Logic

6. Web Bespokers

7. Revelry

8. Digitalya OPS

9. Concise Software


Node.js is a great tool that allows using JavaScript for back-end and front-end software programming. The best development companies should have top Node.js developers who will be able to apply the framework in your project if there is such a need. We have analyzed thousands of different agencies and now offer you only the best companies for your consideration. They all are remarkable for their effectiveness, creative solutions, high scores on Clutch and other review platforms. We hope that you will be able to find a perfect Node.js development agency that will assist you with your ambitious project.

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