Real Estate App Development Guide: Features, Process, & Cost

People are very picky when it comes to buying or renting a home since they would be occupying. When people move to a new region or purchase a new home, they come across a variety of issues including property documents, suitable location, good neighborhood, basic infrastructure, and so forth.

The top-notch Real estate app development company started building solutions to these problems through their apps and it is still in great demand today. This strong demand caught the interest of realtors. People have developed an unexpected passion for the real estate market as a result of the real estate app.

Different types of real estate apps

Real estate app development companies provide different forms of apps and businesses should be aware of the form of the app they require since they connect and communicate with their clients through it and the correct type should be chosen which in turn may affect the entire cost.

  • Buy and sell property app

Clients can conveniently buy and sell properties on this type of real estate app. This online platform offers a collection of registered properties with photographs, addresses, prices, and other important information so that users can purchase them according to their necessities and budget.

  • Real estate agent app

This is for agents. The agents put up all property listings to sell. They are categorized so that users can browse by filtering locations, prices, facilities, and so forth.

  • Property management app

This too assists agents to keep track of their property listings. They can monitor and get insights at any time via the app.

  • 3D virtual tour app

Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies are integrated into the real estate apps and they offer users 3D visual tours of properties put up for sale.

  • Real estate investment software

Businesses can invest in custom app development services since they are utilized to do property trades. Investors can manage properties put up for sale.

Features that must be integrated into a real estate app

Several mandatory features should be added and ensure the real estate app development company focus on those features to release a completely reliable app. App development costs may vary according to the custom feature that gets added. Three components are addressed namely user, agent, and admin.

The user components:

  • User authorization

This includes user registration (signup) and sign-in and access to the app.  

  • 3D tour and description

The latest technological benefits give the user a surrounding virtual tour of all the listed properties. This includes details as well.

  • Favorites

Users may not proceed to purchase a property of their interest at a given time. Therefore, they have the option to save it on favorites for later access.

  • Calendar integration

Syncing a calendar in the app is a great way to track and record the site visit days. Moreover, scheduled visits can be arranged.

  • Agent information

This is an important feature for the client to directly contact the agent for more information alongside the property owner’s details.

  • Map integration

Clients can find the exact routes and location of the visits following a map. This may save them precious time.

  • Filters

App users want to navigate through only selected preferences to find properties. They can include price, map location, and so forth.

  • In-app support

Customer support helps users reach out to experts for any query or issue. They also can give feedback or ratings based on the experience.

The agent components:

  • Registration

The agents must create an account with email and other contact details to log in. Social media credentials can also be used.

  • Account verification

After the successful creation of the agent account, it should be verified and authorized by the app admin before the agent can connect to customers.  This is to confirm the genuineness.

  • Adding of properties

Every day, properties are put for sale or rent and agents can keep adding them to the listing.

  • Map view and list view

Property listings can be viewed in any view mode comfortably. Agents can update the users of the available properties for sale to make it convenient.

  • Subscription

This is a monetization strategy to boost income. Listing subscriptions can be added to be paid via the in-app methods.

The admin components:

  • User management

All users including buyers, sellers, and agents can be handled by the admin. Admin can monitor each person’s activity within the app and take action against any violations.

  • Reports and requests

User data and property information are manipulated. Profile updates, user requests to add or remove properties, and managing reports are carried out.

  • Property management

Admin manages all property listings such as adding, removing or confirming. The app development company distinguishes between the admin and agent panels.

  • User support

All user queries and issues should be addressed by the admin and support them in the process.

  • Revenue management

Profits and revenues from listings and subscriptions are managed here.

Developer team/engineers required

For a reliable and efficient app development process, the real estate development company should comprise the following members.

  • Project leader
  • Business analyst
  • UI/UX designers
  • Front-end and back-end developers
  • iOS and Android developers
  • QA engineers

How much does it cost to build a real estate app?

The overall app development cost varies with several factors such as type, platform, additional features, tech stack, and the number of hours spent on development. A reliable real estate app development company can be hired for this purpose. Depending on these factors, the basic cost can be estimated to start from $10,000 and get extended to $50,000. Comparatively, a development approach with advanced and complex features and the latest stack may incur a higher cost.

Charges of app developers in the US range from $100 to $250 per hour, in East European countries $75 to $50, in India $35 to $15.


The real estate industry is rapidly evolving and so are the real estate apps. It promises to showcase a prominent business development area in the modern era. The app development starts with the choice of the type of app required and implementing the necessary features after hiring an app development company. Many factors affect the overall cost of development.

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